We are often asked, “Why do we need to pay for custom maps when we can grab something for free on Google Maps or Yahoo?” The simple answer here is that Google Maps or Yahoo Maps can’t provide you with exactly what you need, customized to your specifications.

Customization and Specificity

Interactive services such as Google Maps are a wonderful tool for finding specific locations, obtaining driving directions, or determining the distance from Point A to Point B. It’s a tool that we use on a daily basis. But it’s not going to give you a perfectly-sized 8.5” x 11” map layout of the exact area you wish to have mapped, along with all of the customizations made possible only from a professional cartographer and graphic designer. Do you want to show specific amenities or competition properties on your map? We can add these to your map easily to highlight landmarks or points or interest in the vicinity, as well as competition properties within your market.

Custom Styles

Do you need your map to adhere to specific color scheme that represents your company’s colors? We can do this easily as well. You can opt to use our own particular cartographic style, or go with your own. It’s your map. We can customize it any way you like—color palettes, color shading, text fonts, line widths, transparencies for visual effect – all of it according to your specs. Google Maps or Yahoo Maps simply cannot offer you the combination of customization and high-end aesthetics that Red Paw delivers.

Source Files

Additionally, at no additional cost, we can provide you with the vectorized files (Adobe Illustrator or Encapsulated PostScript) files for easy editing. The advantage of these files is two-fold: first, the maps in this file format are entirely editable on your end with the proper graphics software. The vector file maps allow the user to change every element within the map. Anyone who is proficient with the Adobe suite of products (i.e.: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) would be able to manipulate the map layers (elements) easily.  Second, the map file can be reused an infinite number of times for multiple projects. You’ll be able to reuse a specific map over and over again. With the vector files, you can make whatever text or map changes are necessary for your next project and your map is complete. No need to come back to us and pay for the same map twice. We don’t stamp our company logo on the map nor do we collect any kind of royalty for one-off maps. Once we make a map file for you, it’s yours to keep and manipulate however you like.

Special Projects and Specific Base Map Layers

Lastly, because we understand that custom maps can be costly, we have several clients who prefer to use our service only when very special projects call for it. As an alternative, some clients might order specific “base map” layers in a vector format, and then add their own set of properties, landmarks, point of interest or competition properties for each individual project only when needed. This way, they will have all the necessary base map layers needed to build their own custom maps without the need to use complex mapping software.

For example, a client in Los Angeles might always need to use one Downtown LA map for their deals. Having one nice, customized Downtown LA base map with all of the necessary base map layers allows them to reuse that one map for the majority of their deals. This can be done for any market, anywhere – customized base maps for specific cities and regions that are reusable and can be modified on the fly.