Fully Interactive Custom Mapping Services

Red Paw Technologies is excited to announce that we are now offering fully interactive mapping services to complement our complete line of custom maps. We’ve considered creating interactive maps for awhile, but were never wholly satisfied with the existing platforms and quality of basemaps available for interactive use. Now with our ability to marry new technologies from both Carto® and Mapbox®, we are able to bring the same quality, precision and design to interactive maps and provide our customers with a much more robust experience.

Transform Your Company’s Data

We now have the ability to transform your company’s data (or ours). Display your organization’s property locations, competition properties and local amenities collectively on a movable, adjustable map. Show your potential clients demographic data, mileage radius rings, directional routes and specific transportation networks all on our customized basemap.

As Simple or Complex as Needed

Both the basemap and the data itself can be as simple or complex as needed so you can better engage your audience. We will work with you to create a rich user interface and set of tools specifically for your project. Turn map layers on and off, query data, utilize tables and charts to more easily visualize data. You can even show changes over time, all while taking advantage of a cloud-based mapping platform integrated within your organization’s website.

Beyond Display: More-Informed Decisions

The power of interactive mapping can be harnessed by a seemingly endless number of industries including real estate, retail, marketing, higher education, entertainment, public policy, urban planning, the travel and hospitality industries, and many more. Going beyond display and informational purposes, interactive maps can be used for predictive analysis to help you and your clients make more-informed decisions. Red Paw Technologies can help you to achieve the customized look and feel needed to reach potential clients in a more meaningful way than with traditional online mapping tools. Let us help you get started.

Social Explorer®

Red Paw Technologies has recently partnered with Social Explorer® in order to provide a more complete interactive demographic experience. Social Explorer is the leader in providing access to current and historical demographic data, all in geographic format. Red Paw Technologies can provide you with interactive demographic maps built upon Social Explorer’s rich set of data and visualization tools. Please contact us directly or visit http://www.socialexplorer.com to learn more about how you can incorporate Social Explorer’s data into your workflow.