Our maps are usually delivered as static images (JPEG, TIFF, PDF etc.). However, at no additional cost, we also offer vectorized files (Adobe Illustrator and/or Encapsulated PostScript) files at no additional cost. The advantage of these files is two-fold.  First, the maps in this file format are entirely editable with the proper graphics software. The vector file maps allow the user to change every element within the map. Anyone who is proficient with the Adobe suite of products (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) can manipulate the map layers and graphical elements easily.  Second, the map file can be reused an infinite number of times for multiple projects. You’ll be able to reuse a specific map repeatedly. With the vector files, you can make the necessary text or map edits expressly for your next project. No need to come back to us and pay for the same map twice. We don’t stamp our company logo on our maps, nor do we collect any kind of royalty for one-off maps. Once we make a map file for you, it’s yours to keep and manipulate however you like.

Regarding cost, our company simply charges per map, with discounts offered on multiple maps. There is no service or subscription that you need to sign up for (we are routinely asked this question). The most important question we first ask is: What size map(s) are you looking for? This is important because the size will dictate the cost of each map. We try to be as competitive as possible, and the larger, more complex maps often require several hours to complete. As such, cost is also dependent upon the level of detail for a given map. For example, several of the urban core maps that you will see on this site are far more labor-intensive than perhaps a regional or metropolitan area map.

In terms of turnaround time, we work on a first-come, first-serve basis, but we are always willing to put you ahead of the queue if there are other clients who are in less of a rush. Most clients ask for maps about a week or two in advance, so if you need a map ASAP, we usually have no problem working on it right away. We can usually turn around a map in less than 3 days. Additionally, we offer a discount on an order of multiple maps, depending upon how many maps are ordered. If we can’t deliver a specific map in the time requested, we will certainly tell you so. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, not to over-promise and under-deliver. Be assured that we take every measure possible to get your custom maps to you in a timely manner.

No, we don’t have any in-house printing capabilities in our Boulder office. All of our maps are electronic deliverables — JPEGs, TIFFs, Adobe Illustrator files, etc. It never made sense for us to invest in pricey printers, scanners and plotters, particularly in an age when most documents, including our maps, are distributed electronically. Most of our clients are outside of Colorado, and many have their own preferred printers that are local to them. That being said, we do have several excellent professional printers here in Denver/Boulder Area that we will occasionally use when asked to have our maps printed and shipped.

Other than real estate-related materials, we produce the highest quality maps for marketing and media, urban planning, environmental science, higher education and the entertainment industry. Our maps appear on many company web sites, marketing brochures, investment prospectuses, film/television documentaries, books and travel guides.