Case Studies

Every map tells a story, or at least it should, by our standards.

Without telling a story, a map is simply a pretty picture with points, lines and irregular shapes. No one hires a cartographer or GIS specialist to create a map for the sake of creating a map. It needs to solve a problem or provide vital information to the reader.

Oftentimes, it simply demonstrates local or regional geography in relation to a point of reference, answering basic questions such as “What is my property close to?” or “Which amenities are present in this area?” In other situations, the questions are more complex. A client might need to solve a multifaceted problem involving many factors. Below are just three case studies that illustrate how we’ve solved some of our clients’ problems and enabled their maps to tell their own particular story.

Case Study #1

Lincoln Property Company
Irvine, California

Case Study #2

University of North Carolina Press
Chapel Hill, North Carloina

Case Study #3

BlueWave Solar

Boston, Massachusetts