Custom Cartography

Red Paw Technologies produces the highest quality maps for real estate, marketing and media, urban planning, environmental science, higher education and the entertainment industry.

Our goal is to provide outstanding products and service that are second to none.

Maps can be delivered in any electronic file format of your choosing. We offer maps as vector files for those who wish to use the map file in Adobe Illustrator and edit their maps accordingly.


Real Estate Mapping

Red Paw Technologies has been a leader in producing custom map products for the real estate industry with an emphasis on detailed print-ready, web-ready and interactive maps for web sites, marketing brochures, prospectuses, and offering memorandums.


Public Health/Healthcare

With the sudden surge of COVID-19 cases worldwide, GIS mapping for public health and healthcare has gained traction in helping to understand the geographic spread and severity of the disease. But GIS has been an invaluable tool in the fight against disease and the promotion of better public health long before this crisis.

Red Paw Technologies can map and analyze a wide range of health-related issues that can vastly improve the lives of specific at-risk groups of people, as well as the general population.


Red Paw Technologies also offers fully interactive mapping services to complement our complete line of custom maps. By harnessing the power of the best geographic technologies and practices, we can bring you a much more robust and customized interactive experience.

We now have the ability to interactively display your company’s data overlaid upon either one of our customized base maps or a familiar Google Maps® base. Display your organization’s property locations, competition properties and local amenities collectively on a movable, adjustable map.


Environmental Science

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has long been a powerful tool used to facilitate the mapping, analysis and modeling of environmental and conservation related matters.  Red Paw Technologies has extensive experience working with non-profit, private and public interest groups in helping to solve spatial problems and create informative maps in their pursuit of conservation and ecological maintenance.

GIS Consulting

Red Paw Technologies is a full-service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting firm offering a wide range of services, including GIS Needs Assessment, Project Management, and GIS Modeling and Analysis.

A map is the end product of GIS, but the process of map creation often yields solutions to multiple problems. The applications and industries that directly benefit from GIS are too numerous to list, yet they all share a common objective: the facilitation of intelligent spatial decisions, which may include the allocation of manpower in various sales regions, the marketing of real properties, habitat restoration, open space conservation, or the exploration of precious resources.

Our 50-plus years of collective GIS experience and thousands of hours working with GIS software has enabled Red Paw Technologies to offer the best consulting experience available. We are not only consultants but mentors, working with your organization to ensure the best possible spatially-related decisions. With our help, you will have the ability to make more effective choices that will move you closer to your organization’s goals.


Dispensary Site Suitability Analysis & Mapping

As of 2023, it is legal to use and sell recreational marijuana in 21 states and the District of Columbia, with a growing number every year.  In several more states, marijuana use has been decriminalized.  The cannabis industry is undoubtedly on the rise, and with that growth has come the desire to establish new dispensaries in these states.  It is imperative that new dispensaries operate in a legal and safe fashion, adhering to state and local guidelines for operation.

Red Paw can map the suitability of your desired site location within a given community.  Following state and local parameters for dispensaries, such as specified distances from public/private schools, day care centers and youth centers as well as abiding by zoning regulations, we can help you locate a suitable site for your operation.