Why Red Paw?

Simply put, we offer the best and most reliable service in the industry.

And we keep it simple. We are a small group of talented and dependable cartographers and artists who understand the real estate industry, as well as demographic analysis, cultural geography and environmental science. We’re large enough to have all the resources necessary to produce the highest quality custom maps, yet small enough to give you the attention you deserve, all at the best possible prices.

How it works:

Working with us is always a collaborative process. The initial effort to get things right the first time is critical for us. Before we proceed with each map we create, we gather as many details as possible about what is needed and what is not. We first offer each client a rough draft copy/mock-up, illustrating the geographic area that we propose to map. We’ll display the map boundaries, the map scale, some local landmarks and points of interest. If the area we propose to map meets your approval, we then proceed with the map creation. If not, we continue to modify our mock-up until it does. These iterative steps help to streamline the map creation process, increases efficiency, and ensures that we give you exactly what you want as quickly as possible.

Red Paw Quality

What Our Clients Say

We realize that those in the real estate industry, urban planning, or marketing do not want to make maps in their spare time. We prefer to have you keep the focus on what you are most proficient with, allowing us to do all the heavy lifting with regards to mapping. No more copying, cropping or resizing Google Maps and/or attempting to scale the steep mapping software learning curve. You will have an expert cartographic resource on hand, whenever needed.


We always welcome our clients to be as involved in the process as they choose, or conversely, be completely hands-off.