• Custom Cartography

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    Red Paw Technologies produces the highest quality maps for real estate, marketing and media, urban/environmental planning, higher education and the entertainment industry.

    Our goal is to provide outstanding products and service that are second to none.

    Maps can be delivered in any electronic file format of your choosing. We offer maps as vector files for those who wish to use the map file in Adobe Illustrator and edit their maps accordingly. These can serve either as a base map for your particular work or as a fully detailed customized map.

  • Interactive

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    Red Paw Technologies is excited to announce that we now offer fully interactive mapping services to complement our complete line of custom maps. By harnessing the power of the best geographic technologies, we can bring you a much more robust and customized interactive experience.

    We now have the ability to interactively display your company’s data (or ours) overlaid upon either one of our customized basemaps or a familiar Google Maps® basemap. Display your organization’s property locations, competition properties and local amenities collectively on a movable, adjustable map.

  • GIS Consulting

    Red Paw Technologies is a full-service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting firm offering a wide range of services, including GIS Needs Assessment, Project Management, and GIS Modeling and Analysis.

    A map is the end product of GIS, but the process of map creation often yields solutions to multiple problems. The applications and industries that directly benefit from GIS are too numerous to list, yet they all share a common objective: the facilitation of intelligent spatial decisions, including the allocation of manpower in various sales regions, the marketing of real properties, habitat restoration, open space conservation, or the exploration of precious resources.

    Our 50-plus years of collective GIS experience and thousands of hours working with GIS software has enabled Red Paw Technologies to offer the best consulting experience available. We are not only consultants but mentors, working with your organization to ensure the best possible spatially-related decisions. With our help, you will have the ability to make more effective choices that will move you closer to your organization’s goals.

    Needs Assessment

    Red Paw Technologies can evaluate our clients’ needs for a GIS program by conducting comprehensive assessments of software, hardware, data, staffing needs and management requirements. We will work with your organization to find the most cost-effective methods for you to leverage GIS technology and enhance performance. Ultimately, we are here to help you make informed spatial decisions by giving you the tools—and knowledge—to do so.

    Project Management

    From the onset of each task and throughout the project life cycle, Red Paw Technologies will provide continual organizational leadership in managing workflows as well as managing individuals, including staff and personnel. Managing the flow of information and communication between key players in the project are paramount, as to eliminate data redundancies and distribute data evenly. Everyone needs to be on the same page to ensure the project’s success.

    Along with our strong management skills, we control costs while providing quality services on schedule. Our ultimate goal is to maximize efficiency of the decision-making process so that your organization gains the optimal benefits from GIS.

    Analysis & Modeling

    The true power of GIS lies in its ability to discover the often complex relationships between numerous spatial variables. Through a series of analytical methods, known collectively as spatial analysis, GIS serves as an invaluable tool for studying these spatial relationships. Additionally, modeling enables automation of the spatial analytical process, thereby increasing efficiency of the analysis. The combination of spatial analysis and modeling are utilized to reveal relationships between multiple data sets in order to help make informed decisions.

  • Demographic Analysis

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    Demographic maps are those created as a result of demographic analysis—the science of where people (or groups of people) are located according to cultural, economic and social attributes.

    Red Paw Technologies has access to the most up-to-date demographic data, which can be mapped at the census tract, block group, zip code, county or statewide levels.

    Additionally, Red Paw Technologies has partnered with Social Explorer® in order to provide a more complete interactive demographic experience. Social Explorer is the leader in providing access to current and historical demographic data. Red Paw Technologies can provide you with interactive demographic maps built upon Social Explorer’s rich set of data and visualization tools.

    Please visit our Interactive page for a more complete description.