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These maps are regional in nature, showing either a region of the world or country, a state or an entire metropolitan area. Regional maps can be produced at any size, including full-page (standard 8.5" x 11"), half or quarter-page, or as inset maps.

Citywide/Urban Core maps illustrate either a Central Business District or Downtown area of a specific city, or may display a complete urban area. These maps have the greatest level of detail of all of our maps, as they tend to focus tightly upon one area.
These maps show specific properties and/or local amenities within a given area. Competitive properties (i.e.: competitive hotels, office parks or retail centers) can also be shown alongside your property, showcased on our maps. Local amenities such as area schools, retail centers, medical facilities and more can be mapped to illustrate their proximity to your property as well.
Demographic maps are those created as a result of demographic analysis—the science of where people (or groups of people) are located according to cultural, economic and social attributes.
Red Paw Technologies now produces collegian campus maps for select North American colleges and universities. Our inaugural collegian map was produced for the University of Michigan in 2006 and can now be found in bookstores throughout Southeast Michigan. Additionally, our maps can be found at Fort Lewis College’s (Durango, Colorado) many kiosks that help students and visitors navigate the campus. Red Paw Technologies has the capability to produce detailed maps of any college campus in North America, whether for web sites, electronic downloadable files (i.e.: PDFs) or print copies.
Red Paw Technologies produces the highest quality maps for real estate, marketing and media, urban/environmental planning, higher education and the entertainment industry.
Red Paw Technologies produces custom maps for the travel and entertainment industries as well as for books and documentaries. Our maps have appeared in numerous travel guides, books, television documentaries and prime-time television series.
Geographic Information Systems, cartography and the use of demographic data have become indispensable tools in the marketing world. Whether marketing commercial real estate properties to potential buyers and renters or retail marketing for identifying and retaining customers, detailed maps are essential to the marketing professional's tasks. Maps are ideal for analytical purposes as well, particularly the mapping of supply (retail centers, office and industrial space, etc.) and demand (consumers, buyers, renters).
Location, location, location. We've heard this mantra thousands of times, as the physical location of any property dictates its selling or rental price. As such, detailed maps become a necessary visual tool to capture the geographic attributes of real estate as well as its other qualities. Red Paw Technologies creates visually-pleasing and informative maps for depicting real estate property location, neighborhood demographics, local amenities and competitive properties, to name a few.
Red Paw Technologies works in conjunction with private urban planning firms and real estate development companies as well as local and state agencies in order to help create more livable communities and environmentally-friendly landscapes. Red Paw Technologies specializes in site plan design/re-creation and land use mapping for urban planning and development.